Trainings & Certification

Open Doors Power Yoga - 200 Yoga Teacher Training, February 2010

Continuing Education and Training

Susanna Barkataki

*Cultural Appropriation & Honoring Yoga

*Fearless Heart: Ignite your Equity

*Namaste: How to End Your Class Confidently & Honor Yoga's Roots

*Yoga and Social Justice Leadership Challenge

Alex Bauermeister

*Radical Resilience Yoga Therapy Series

*Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training (16 hours)

Rebekah Boatrite

*Patanjali - Behind the Yoga Sutras

*The Gunas

*The Goddess

Kevin Courtney

Yoga Rehab

Ekta Hattangady

(Through Tejal Yoga)

My Righteous Rage: Understanding Anger and its Role

Heart in Politics

Justice Oriented Leadership

Ellen Heed

Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers & Bodyworkers

Jivana Heyman

Accessible Yoga: Equality and Transformation

Amy Ippoliti

*Innovative Teaching Methodology: The Art of Sequencing Aligned Anatomy Module *Teaching Yoga from the Heart

*Yoga Alignment & Essential Anatomy

*Yoga Philosophy Foundations Applied

*Advanced Yoga Philosophy: The Ramayana, Kundalini, and Deities

*The Art & Business of Teaching Yoga

Chanelle John

Combating White Supremacy Culture in Yoga

Michelle C. Johnson

*Finding Refuge - Embodied Yoga Summit

*Skill in Action - online workshop

*Skill in Action weekend (hosted by JP Centre Yoga)

Alanna Kaivalya

Essence of the Chakras

Leslie Kaminoff

*The Warrior Series

*Preventing and Healing Injuries Through Yoga

*Demystifying the Bandhas

Judith Lasater

The Lower Back and the Sacroiliac Joint: anatomy, asana and therapeutics

Kaya Mindlin

Nectar of the Gita

Off the Mat, into the World: Re-Emergence

A Movement of Transformation & Action - 6 month training

Tejal Patel

Authentify Your Yoga

Anjali Rao

*Sutra Sadhana -- offered through Tejal Yoga

*Gita Sadhana -- offered through Tejal Yoga

*Yoga & Activism -- offered through Accessible Yoga

Shiva Rea

Chakra Vinyasa

David Reglin

Practice what you teach - Teach what you practice

Benjamin Sears & Tatiana DePillo

*Dynamic Roots

*Spring Rising

*Summer Sculpt

Suzanne Sterling, Susanna Barkataki & Michelle C. Johnson
(through Off the Mat, Into the World)

Rituals for the Modern Activist

Tejal Yoga Sangha

Community: Self Care and Compassion through Anger

Cora Wen

*Bend it like bamboo

*Yoga Therapy Online

*Anatomy Mentoring

Anusha Wijeyakumar

*The Roots of Yoga: Decolonizing your Practice

*White Privilege, Allyship & Yoga

Anusha Wijeyakumar and Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

*Yoga Origins, Lineages And Cultural Appropriation